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Educating the Filipino Youth on Climate Change Training Manual for Teachers

This manual is aimed at providing a knowledge base on climate change, especially catered for teachers and trainers. The manual will introduce the basics of climate change – what is it, why is it happening, what are the projected impacts, and what can be done. It has a strong focus on the science of climate change which is essential in providing a better understanding of the broader picture – why climate change is happening and how to better address the challenge.

Also, this manual aims to bring climate change closer to the youth by providing a local context. It explains the observed and projected climatic changes as well as the vulnerabilities of the Philippines. It recognizes the importance of engaging the local government in educating the youth. Their participation and support in terms of providing information related to climate change in the city or municipality is important in order to better understand the direct impacts of climate change to their communities.

Lastly, this manual could aid in catalyzing youth action towards a low-carbon and climate-resilient future. It provides options for mitigation and adaptation actions that can be adopted by the youth, as well as youth-led initiatives in the Philippines and around the world. This is crucial because the real challenge goes beyond raising awareness, but inducing behavioral changes in order to truly address climate change.