Welcome to SEARCA Knowledge Center on Climate Change Adaptation in Agriculture and Natural Resource Management in Southeast Asia (KC3)


Climate change poses new challenges to the sustainability of fisheries and aquaculture systems, with serious implications for the 520 million people who depend on them for their livelihoods, and the nearly 3 billion people for whom fish is an important source of animal protein.

The key research questions and work being pursued by the WorldFish Center to address these challenges aim to meet the following research objectives:

  1. Diagnose vulnerability;
  2. Understand coping mechanisms and adaptation to current climate risks;
  3. Contribute to mitigation; and
  4. Build the capacity to respond and adapt.

Through rigorous research on impacts, mitigation, and adaptation—combined with practical actions locally, nationally, regionally, and globally—WorldFish aims to provide new knowledge to inform solutions. High-quality research that involves resource users, builds strong partnerships and harnesses political will is crucial for making fisheries and aquaculture systems more resilient to the challenge of global climate change and securing a bright future for the people that depend upon them.