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Optimizing Climate Change Adaptation through Enhanced Community Resilience

Rural communities throughout the Asia-Pacific are generally more exposed to climate-driven changes to their livelihoods than those in larger/urban communities. A team led by Dr. Chris Jacobson, Sustainability Research Centre, University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia, developed and piloted a community resilience tool to be used to support climate change adaptation within existing development planning pathways.

The framework included 39 key questions based around the outcomes related to livelihoods and environment, infrastructure, community, and climate change and disaster management. The assessment tool provides a simple and cost-efficient means for monitoring the long-term effectiveness of un-co-ordinated aid donor projects in supporting community-based adaptation to climate change.

The project was funded by the under APN’s Climate Adaptation Framework, grant no. CAF2015-RR18NSY-Jacobson.

  • Publisher: Asia Pacific Network for Global Change Research