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Govt to have better ability to minimise climate change effects

Published on 15 July 2014 Singapore

The Government’s ability to minimise Singapore’s physical vulnerabilities to climate change will be enhanced by 2016, when inter-government agencies are expected to release long-term plans under the Resilience Framework.

Inter-government agencies are expected to release long-term plans to safeguard Singapore against projected climate change effects under the Resilience Framework.

The Resilience Framework, announced in 2012, provides a holistic guide to inter-government agencies on how to assess Singapore’s physical vulnerabilities to climate change.

By 2016, these agencies are expected to release long-term plans to safeguard Singapore against projected climate change effects.

It was revealed on Monday that the framework incorporates risk assessment and adaptation planning.

For example, under the framework, roads are assessed for vulnerabilities.

There could be flooding when there is extreme weather and so the roads’ threshold levels against extremities will be analysed.

From there, measures could be developed to prevent or minimise the risk of climate change on roads.

It is hoped that the framework can also be applied not just to public infrastructure, but also to private sector assets.

Speaking at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Regional Outreach Event, Environment and Water Resources Minister Vivian Balakrishnan stressed the importance of adaptation in the face of climate change uncertainties.

He added that inaction is not a viable option for Singapore.

Dr Balakrishnan said: “Since 1965, when we gained independence, long before environmental sustainability and being green became fashionable, long before climate change became a global issue, the Singapore government very deliberately and persistently ensured that our aggressive push for economic development would be accompanied by environmental protection in making sure that we would be clean, green, safe and sustainable.

“For us, the environment and economy are not trade-offs between each other but a positive, virtuous cycle.” 

Source: Eco-Business | 9 July 2014