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PCCI urges companies to conserve water as climate changes

Published on 4 January 2016 Philippines

Faucet water supplyFaucet water supply

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industries (PCCI), the country’s largest business organization, is urging Philippine corporations and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to undertake water conservation initiatives amid climate change.

The PCCI made its call following the 2015 Paris Climate Change Conference which underscored the need for countries around the world to create their own plans on how they intend to cut greenhouse gas emissions caused by climate change.

Jesus Reyes, PCCI vice chairman and vice president-Corporate Affairs of Nestle Philippines Inc., said the 10 warmest years on record happened over the last decade.

Reyes said the earth has been warming about one degree Celsius in the past 150 years and is projected to warm two to six degree Celsius in the next hundred years.

“What happens when you reach two degrees Celsius? There is more risk of coastal flooding, more risk of hunger because of the decrease in food, risk of malaria and risk of water shortage,” he said.

The Philippines, in its part to undertake climate change initiatives, is aiming to reduce its carbon emissions by 70 percent by 2030 from 2000 levels.

Reduction will come from energy, transport, waste and industry sectors.

Reyes said the country’s industry sector is in full support of the government’s action to reduce the country’s greenhouse carbon footprint.



Source: The Philippine Star | 03 January 2016