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Bell and Bottle Technology: Community-Based Early Warning System

Flooding is a prevalent problem in the Philippines, especially now that there are heavier rains due to climate change. Experience has shown that being prepared for a disaster can minimize casualty and damage. However, for people living in remote areas, preparedness could be a problem, as they do not usually have access to radio, TV, mobile phones, and other media that can immediately warn of possible floods and landslides. As such, an effective early warning system needs to be designed specifically for far, remote areas.

The Bell and Bottle Early Warning Systems (EWS) project aims to address this need. The project seeks to establish a low-cost, fast, effective, and community-based early warning system designed for remote communities that are prone to floods and landslides.

  • Bell and Bottle Technology: Community-Based Early Warning System
  • Author/s: David Manalo
  • Year: 2013
  • Publication Type: Agriculture and Development Notes