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Strong, Safe, and Resilient

A Strategic Policy Guide for Disaster Risk Management in East Asia and the Pacific

The fact sheets on disasters and prevention summarize some of the most recent data relevant for practitioners of disaster risk management (DRM) in the World Bank’s East Asia and the Pacific region. The Note to Decision Makers introduces the key messages of this report with a focus on decision making. The executive summary provides a brief overview of the key issues, strategic goals, and recommendations for DRM in East Asia and the Pacific. Chapter 1 gives an overview of the key trends related to disaster impacts in the region. Chapter 2 focuses on cross-sectoral issues of institutional arrangements for DRM and outreach to communities. Chapters 3–7 follow the core areas of DRM: risk identification, risk reduction, emergency preparedness, financial protection, and sustainable recovery and reconstruction. The appendixes include additional information related to specific sections of the report, a glossary of key terminology, and a summary of the main activities of the World Bank East Asia and the Pacific Disaster Risk Management team.

  • Strong, Safe, and Resilient
  • Author/s:
    • Abhas K. Jha
    • Zuzana Stanton-Geddes
  • Publisher: World Bank