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Institutional Strengthening for Integrated Water Resources Management in the 6 CIS River Basin Territory (Package E)

The Technical Assistance aims to strengthen the institutional capacity of the National, Provincial and Municipal governments of the Republic of Indonesia, in accordance with the 2004 Water Law with implementation directed through common strategic planning. The desired outcome of the project is an increased ability of the stakeholders to successfully and efficiently manage the Water Resources to cope with climate change impact in the CRB area. This TA is divided into two phases: Phase I is to prepare action plans in order to mainstream climate change concerns and issues into WRM in the CRB; and Phase II involves the implementation of climate change mitigation and adaptation pilots such as CDM and sustainable agriculture schemes.

As the Associate Partner to AECOM Asia Co. Ltd., which is the Lead Firm, SEARCA provided the International Consultant for the Agriculture and Climate Change Adaptation Specialist Position.