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Regional SEARCA Alumni Association to hold Executive Board Meeting and Workshop

Published on 11 January 2018 KC3 News

The Regional SEARCA Alumni Association (RSAA) will hold its Executive Board Meeting and Workshop on 8-9 January 2018 at SEARCA Headquarters in Los Baños, Philippines. The two-day workshop aims to develop a collaborative research proposal in the fields of climate change and food security, which may be submitted to different funding sources.

Nine alumni from Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, the Philippines and Timor Leste are expected to attend the said workshop. The event is spearheaded by the RSAA President, Dr. Josefina T. Dizon and SEARCA's Graduate Education and Institutional Development Department.

The RSAA, formerly known as the Regional SEARCA Fellows Association or RSFA was organized during the SEARCA regional consultative workshop held on May 28-29, 2013 in the Philippines. The objectives of the Association areto:1) Facilitate the development of linkages among in-country associations (country chapters) of SEARCA Alumni; and 2) Foster collaborative research and development efforts in the region. 

Since its establishment in 2013, RSFA has held three (3) regional conferences in collaboration with the in-country SEARCA Alumni associations in Lao PDR, Timor Leste, and Indonesia.