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How Southeast Asia can simultaneously protect nature and generate $2 trillion a year

Published on 1 August 2022 by Simon Read Southeast Asia
  • Protecting nature in Southeast Asia could create jobs and generate wealth across the region, says a study from the Academy of Sciences Malaysia.
  • Investing in nature now is projected to yield massive economic and environmental returns - up to $2.19 trillion annually, say scientists.
  • The study comes ahead of COP15, a landmark United Nations conference to find ways to protect biodiversity.

Investing in measures to protect the biodiversity of Southeast Asia’s forests and seas could produce benefits valued at more than $2.19 trillion a year - while slowing down climate change - according to a new study published by the Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM).

That result could be achieved if $10 billion was invested now, rising to $46 billion by 2030, says Eco-Business. The study’s authors point out that the investment is a tiny fraction of the possible paybacks in job creation, higher incomes, and a more sustainable environment.

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Source: World Economic Forum 15 July 2022