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Philippine Red Cross launches CA-ANAK developmental project

Published on 15 August 2017 Philippines

The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) launched a 5-year developmental project in three of PRC chapters in Capiz, Antique and Aklan (CA- ANAK) to reduce health and disaster risks within its communities.

The project that kicked off on April 1, 2017 was spearheaded by the PRC’s Disaster Management and Health Services with the support from the Canadian Red Cross.

The CA-ANAK project is covering three provinces, six municipalities and 30 barangays with estimated 6,900 households. The PRC will conduct series of capacity building on community-based Disaster Risk Reduction and Health to capacitate the grass root levels of the community in building healthier, safer, and resilient communities.

A series of project launching activities was conducted by the three implementing PRC Chapters to further strengthen the commitment and partnership between the PRC and its partner key stakeholders.

The PRC Antique Chapter conducted their project launching on June 14, 2017. Representatives from the Municipal and Barangay Government Units from the Municipalities of Belison and Valderrama attended the said event.

On the other hand, the PRC Aklan Chapter held their launching on June 15, 2017. Representatives from the Provincial Government Offices and Municipal and Barangay Local Government Units from the Municipalities of Buruanga and Nabas attended the event. Other Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and agencies such as World Vision, Climate Change Realty Project and Men Opposed to Violence on Women Everywhere (M.O.V.E) also attended the event.

On June 16, 2017, representatives from the Provincial Governors Office, Municipal and Barangay Local Government Units from the Municipalities of Pontevedra and Ivisan attended the launching by the PRC Capiz Chapter.

Source: Philippine Red Cross | 15 August 2017