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MANILA, Philippines — As 2017 kicks into full swing, it’s a good time to think about how we can better ourselves and here’s one item to add to your list: reducing carbon emissions.

Annually, each Filipino is responsible for an average of one metric ton of carbon emissions or greenhouse gases that trap heat in the atmosphere and cause climate change.

That’s about the same amount of carbon emissions from using 103 gallons of gasoline, watching an LCD TV nonstop for 250 days, or flying a Boeing 747 for 8.9 minutes.

We’ve made some suggestions on what you can do on a daily to yearly basis to cut your emissions and help mitigate climate change.

Don’t attempt a positive change in your life only to dump the goal in a few weeks. Strive to keep your resolutions this year. — Rappler.com


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Source: Rappler | 19 January 2017

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