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Promoting Climate-Smart and Climate-Ambitious National SDG Reporting: Global Goals Week

  • CARE and WWF regard the SDGs and the Paris Agreement as “twin tracks” for developing sustainably and equitably in a carbon-constrained world.
  • We assessed the 2016 Voluntary National Reviews and the findings suggest that there is much more that countries can do to address the climate change and sustainable development nexus.
  • We offer five recommendations, including: consider climate change at the planning stage for VNRs and think about how climate change is being addressed or has adverse impacts across all of the SDGs.

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BANGKOK-- As a Thailand Government review of three crop protection chemicals for potential banning or restriction continues, an unprecedented collection of leading national and regional agricultural organizations have joined forces to express their support for Thailand Farmers and their access to the innovative technologies they depend on -- including the responsible use of safe and effective pesticides.

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The government recently announced big steps forward in Singapore’s renewable energy future, it intends to install solar panels across all new Housing Development Board blocks, with costs of installation about 40 percent less than before.

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A man holds a baby on a bridge over a garbage-filled creek in Manila on September 22, 2017. Giant Western consumer products brands led by Nestle, Unilever and Procter & Gamble cause serious ocean pollution by packaging products sold in the Philippines in cheap and disposable plastics, Greenpeace alleged on September 22. The environmental watchdog group ranked the Philippines as the "third worst polluter into the world's oceans" behind China and Indonesia in a report released in Manila. Noel Celis/AFP

MANILA, Philippines — Environmental group Greenpeace has ranked the Philippines as the "third-worst polluter into the world's oceans" after China and Indonesia in a report released Friday in Manila.

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ILOILO CITY: A mangrove scientist here has underscored the need to protect and preserve mangroves to fight greenhouse gas emissions as his study revealed their potentials “to store more carbon than terrestrial forest.”

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Botanical gardens, like Le Jardin des Plantes in Paris, collectively safeguard four out of 10 plant species known to face extinction. AFP file photo

PARIS: Botanical gardens are a Noah’s Ark for endangered plants, collectively safeguarding four out of 10 species known to face extinction, researchers said Monday.

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A radio presenter broadcasts educational programming in Lao PDR. The media have a crucial role to play in building consensus for climate action. Photo: UNDP Lao PDR

The media need to step up their game when it comes to climate change.

We live in a world of tenuous truths, shortened attention spans, competing pri

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2017 Ramon Magsaysay Awards

MANILA,Philippines— In Indonesia, much of the oppression against indigenous people is perpetrated by big corporations due to conflicts over land, said Abdon Nababan, one of six awardees of this year’s Ramon Magsaysay Awards.

Nababan, an indigenous person himself (a Toba Batak from Sumatra), had a rude awakening about the persecution of indigenous people when he worked in an anti-logging campaign and realized that the land taken over by a big industrial estate was actually ancestral land that belonged to his grandparents and other Toba Batak families.

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A small sea horse grabs onto garbage in Indonesia. (Justin Hofman/Wildlife Photographer of the Year)

The powerful and poignant image shows a tiny seahorse holding tightly onto a pink, plastic cotton swab in blue-green waters around Indonesia.

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GCF 2017 Annual Meeting held in Balikpapan.

JAKARTA - Members of the Governors' Climate and Forest Task Force (GCF) have agreed to reduce deforestation by 80 percent by 2020 which had been declared in the Rio Branco Declaration and signed at the 2014 GCF Annual Meeting.

A quarter of the world's tropical forests are represented by GCF members consisting of 35 provinces in nine countries.

To achieve the target, international funding and financing mechanisms are required to maximize investment quality.

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