A meeting of women in Phăng 1 Village, Mường Phăng Commune, Điện Biên Province. — VNS Photo Chi Lan

ĐIỆN BIÊN — The climate in the valley of Mường Phăng in the mountainous Điện Biên Province is no longer as it was over previous centuries. But the change has brought some benefits to local farmers.

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Global warming could be responsible for forcing 24,000 people to leave the Mekong Delta every year.

Inhabitants of this low-lying delta are among the world’s most vulnerable to climate change Shutterstock

The Vietnamese Mekong Delta is one of Earth’s most agriculturally productive regions and is of global importance for its exports of rice, shrimp and fruit. The 18 million inhabitants of this low-lying river delta are also some of the world’s most vulnerable to climate change. Over the last 10 years around 1.7 million people have migrated out of its vast expanse of fields, rivers and canals, while only 700,000 have arrived.

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NINH THUAN, VIETNAM – Conergy, Southeast Asia’s leading downstream solar specialist, today announced their selection as the EPC contractor for a 30 MWp solar photovoltaic (PV) power project in the south central coastal region of Vietnam, representing the first phase of a 300-MW clean energy pipeline. Local government officials, Conergy executives and investors held a ground-breaking ceremony today for 80 guests.

The solar plant, planned for nearly 400,000 square meters, will be located in Ninh Thuan province and is being built by Conergy on behalf of investment firms from Vietnam and the Philippines.

The project investors include the BIM Group, headquartered in Vietnam and AC Energy from the Philippines.

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