BANGKOK-- As a Thailand Government review of three crop protection chemicals for potential banning or restriction continues, an unprecedented collection of leading national and regional agricultural organizations have joined forces to express their support for Thailand Farmers and their access to the innovative technologies they depend on -- including the responsible use of safe and effective pesticides.

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By sharing its Sufficiency Economy Philosophy model, Thailand is helping other developing nations achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.


Of the United Nation's 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the final one – revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development – may be the most compelling of all. The only way we can build a better world is by working together. So many of the challenges we face, from climate change to eradicating diseases, are borderless. Although we measure results on a nation-by-nation basis, unless nations can find ways to work together for the good of our planet and its people, our future will ultimately be unsustainable.

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AFTER: The sidewalk at Siam Square last Thursday. Barricades have been set up below Siam skytrain station where a bustling night market used to be to prevent street vendors from returning. (The Straits Times/Tan Hui Yee)

Air pollution in 14 provinces across Thailand is much higher than World Health Organisation (WHO) safe limits, Greenpeace revealed Monday in a shock report.

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