Hat Yai, southern Thailand’s largest city, has assembled an impressive arsenal - from CCTV and online data, to community volunteers – to give residents and businesses early warning of the floods that now threaten some neighbourhoods every year.

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Climate change is becoming an increasingly relevant issue for Thais after the country was hit by a series of droughts and floods. As part of the "Redraw the Line" campaign, non-profit organisation Media Alliance conducted a seminar to stress the importance of the media in raising awareness on climate change.

While the campaign is focused on encouraging people to change their behaviour to reduce their carbon footprint, the group said the press and advertising companies were vital in changing people's habits and creating a pro-environment trend.

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For hundreds of years the Temple of Dawn stupa has been a glistening tower jutting into the skyline of Bangkok, Thailand, but a combination of air pollution and extreme weather events are forcing officials to close the temple off for three years worth of renovations and repairs, the longest closure in 14 years. 

The Temple of Dawn stupa, also known as the Wat Arun, is one of Bangkok's best known landmarks. The temple has existed since the 17th century and its remarkable spires were added during the 19th century, says the Wat Arun website. Regular repairs to the temple have allowed it to remain standing for hundreds of years, but recently the maintenance cycle is getting shorter and shorter.

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