Bangkok, Thailand – The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) recently concluded two new technical cooperation projects in the field of climate change in Thailand: namely, the "Project for Bangkok Master Plan on Climate Change 2013-2023" with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), and the "Project for Capacity Development on Climate Change Mitigation/Adaptation in the Southeast Asia Region" with the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (Public Organization) (TGO), respectively.

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Typhoon Saola brought torrential rains and flooding to Taiwan in early August, shutting down the island. (AFP: Sam Yeh)Climate change negotiators meeting in Thailand say a string of extreme weather events around the world point to a need for urgent carbon emissions cuts.

The week-long meeting in Bangkok, which was devastated by major floods last year, aims to prepare the ground for a meeting of ministers under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in Doha starting in November.

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Probably this time because the weather's better but if they took the same hit, look out

A year ago, central Thailand was inundated with what may have been the worst floods in the country’s history, covering the Ayutthaya plain with up to three meters of water and drowning a major segment of the multinational car and electronics industries that had settled there.

The question today is whether it could happen again. Although the Thai government has developed a reconstruction plan focused on immediate relief and recovery and as well as projected long-term solutions including raising dykes, extensive reforestation and other solutions, there are reasons to be concerned whether the government is moving fast enough. 

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