Two Thai cities, Chiang Rai in the far North and Songkhla in the South, have joined global efforts to tackle the threat of climate change.

The two "Climate Change Resilience Learning Centres" set up in the provinces aim to prepare local residents for the potential repercussions of natural and man-made disasters.

"These centres will monitor natural disasters across the provinces. Once the centres have detected potential signs of natural disasters like flash floods and severe drought, people will be alerted immediately so they can prepare," Chiang Rai municipality permanent secretary Suranit Ong-la said.

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BANGKOK, May 28 (IPS) - It was another Monday afternoon in the remote Thai village of Baan Dong when an incoming text message lit up the black, dust-covered Nokia phone belonging to Eiem Sompeng.

The brief, 18-word message alerted the 68-year-old farmer to unexpected showers across parts of Yasorthorn, one of the poorest provinces in Thailand’s northeastern rice bowl, including his own village of 190 families.

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BANGKOK, May 20 (Xinhua) -- Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra called on government leaders in the Asian-Pacific region to help contain critical floodings and water-related disasters which might possibly arise in the future.

 In a key-note speech delivered to the Second Asia-Pacific Water Summit in Thailand's northern city Chiang Mai on Monday, Yingluck urged the government leaders in the Asian-Pacific region to join hands and prevent water crises which might otherwise recur and wreak havoc to the Asians who currently account for 60 percent of the world population.

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