Southeast Asia

LIMA • Finance ministers from 20 of the countries most vulnerable to climate change have launched the V-20 group to pool resources for their fight against the impact of global warming.

The group, which includes some of the world's smallest and poorest countries, is a counterpoint to the G-20 group of leading industrialized and emerging economies.

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A sea turtle in the Philippines — a symbol for ocean conservation. Pic: Andrew and Annemarie (Flickr CC)

Known as the Amazon of the ocean, the Coral Triangle is a 2.2 million square mile tropical marine area encompassing the waters of the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, East Timor and the Solomon Islands. It is considered to be the richest reef system in the world.

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Deforestation in Bhutan. Forests are vital stocks of carbon and water resources (Flickr/ World Bank)

Forests are being cut down at a rapid clip in previously spared territories, data from the University of Maryland and Google reveals.

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