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MANILA, Philippines – Dubbed as the ‘low-hanging fruit’ in the heaps of green energy solutions, a benchmarking study on energy efficiency investments among countries in the Southeast Asian region would have its noteworthy kick-off in the Philippines this February.

A collaborative effort between the British Embassy and the Makati City government for a forum on “Addressing Climate Change through Energy Efficiency Investments” will partly set the way for the launch of the so-called study. A press statement from the British Embassy noted that the “Market Feasibility Report on Energy Efficiency in Southeast Asia: Investment Opportunities,” will tackle how energy efficiency “opens doors to new investment opportunities in six South East Asian countries.”

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Lower Mekong countries on January 26 agreed to adopt a set of strategic priorities for the basin-wide sustainable development of water resources, introducing a five-year action plan that addresses both economic opportunities and potential environmental and social impacts.

The Basin Development Strategy was endorsed at a three-day meeting in Ho Chi Minh City by the water and environment ministers of Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam, the four member countries of the Mekong River Commission.

It is a product designed and owned by the countries after consultations with other regional stakeholders.

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LOS BAÑOS, Laguna, Philippines  – A guidebook to be used in teaching climate change (CC) issues in public schools in Southeast Asia, including the Philippines, is off the press.

The 349-page handbook, titled Integrating Climate Change Issues in Southeast Asian Schools, is a project of the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO), an intergovernment treaty body founded in 1965 to foster cooperation among Southeast Asian nations in the fields of education, science, and culture.

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