THE National Climate Change Secretariat and the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources said that Singapore has a relative lack of access to renewable energy ("Addressing climate change through energy, waste management"; yesterday).

However, renewable energy in the form of biomass waste surrounds Singapore, as we have the two largest palm oil producers in the world as neighbors - Indonesia and Malaysia.

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The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory will work with Nanyang Technological University in Singapore to develop energy-saving technology for tropical areas.

The two research organizations agreed to a five-year partnership signed by Berkeley Lab Director Paul Alivisatos and NTU Chief of Staff Lam Khin Yong. The collaboration will focus on improving energy efficiency in buildings, generating and storing renewable energy, and creating smart grids, according to a Monday press release from NTU.

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Singapore has scored high in areas such as waste collection and recycling. To promote green living on other fronts, including renewable energy generation, the Government recently released the Sustainable Singapore Blueprint 2015. -- ST PHOTO: TED CHEN

Paris is preparing to host the most important summit on climate change in a generation, where all countries in the world have agreed to pledge action. The aim is to launch a new global effort to reduce the human imprint on the climate.

Global momentum is gathering. We want a more livable and sustainable world for everyone - with an economy that is cleaner, healthier, quieter, safer and more energy-secure, and that supports a better way of producing, consuming and living.

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