Singapore is heeding the call for nations to step up against climate change. The country has declared an ambitious plan to reduce carbon emissions and has submitted its proposal to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. (Photo: Leonid Yaitskiy | Flickr)

Singapore has joined the bandwagon of countries committed to cut carbon emissions as part of the global effort of nations against climate change. The ambitious plan of the country involves halting further carbon emissions by 2030 and being a greener nation economically.

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MR. YUEN Sai Kuan has pointed out the Government's efforts in sharing expertise with other countries in the mitigation of and adaptation to the impact of climate change ("S'pore active in sharing know-how on climate issues"; June 8).

For any country to deal with climate issues effectively, the sharing of engineering expertise and practical engineering innovations is required, to complement the Government's efforts.

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EVA seats are cooled individually by an overhead air conditioning system.

(CNN) - An electric taxi has taken to the streets of Singapore in a bid to make the already green city more eco-friendly -- and it's tailored to the tropics.

The taxi -- named EVA -- can recharge its battery in 15 minutes and cover a distance up to 200 kilometers when fully charged.

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