Singapore on Monday announced it had begun to feed solar power into its retail electric grid for the first time, as it seeks to reduce emissions and prepares to fully liberalize its electricity market.

Singapore, one of the sunniest cities in the world, generates almost all its power from imported natural gas, with solar fuelling less than 1 percent.

In countries like Germany and Japan, rooftop solar panels have helped boost capacity and bring record levels of renewable energy into the power mix.

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Ms. Lastrina’s interest in climate change started in 2012 when she attended a climate leadership workshop in Bogor, Indonesia. It was organised by 350.org – an international movement which aims to cut carbon dioxide emissions and reduce its amount in the atmosphere.  Photo: The Straits Times

The climate change summit in Paris may be over but it is only the beginning for Ms. Nor Lastrina Hamid, who wants to inspire many more like herself to take the lead in the fight against climate change.

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I refer to last Wednesday's letters by Mr. Ng Ya Ken ("Singapore can lead by example") and Dr. Teoh Ren Shang ("Ways we can walk the talk").

The Paris agreement is the first global pact on climate change with universal participation. Discussions will continue on the implementation details, including ways to track and report emissions reductions.

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