Environmentalists must have pricked up their ears when Singapore last week declared its intention to put a price tag on carbon if all countries pledge to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

It is still early days yet. Such a global deal has not been struck and it is unclear just what form this carbon price will take. But the important thing is that the Republic is willing to play its part as a global citizen in putting a price on pollution, and is taking a vital step on the journey to energy diversity.

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It is possible to strike a balance between economic growth and environment protection, and create a liveable and lively Singapore city, said Minister Yaacob Ibrahim.

He added that access to clean air continues to be one of the key requisites for a liveable city and this requires concerted effort from all stakeholders.

Opening Speech by Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources at the Better Air Quality 2010 (BAQ 2010) Conference on “Air Quality in a Changing Climate” on Tuesday, 9 November 2010, 9.00 am, at Suntec Singapore Convention Center.

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Says developed countries must provide support to developing nations

MEXICO CITY - If a balanced outcome is to be struck on climate change, developed countries must provide support to developing countries, Senior Minister S Jayakumar urged as he chaired ministerial talks in Mexico ahead of the United Nations climate change meeting next month.

In particular, Professor Jayakumar called for a new Climate Fund to be established in Cancun, which would "serve as a confidence building measure and signal the developed countries' willingness to provide long-term support to developing countries to undertake adaptation and mitigation actions".

Financing, technology cooperation and capacity building will be core issues in the upcoming negotiations, Singapore's National Climate Change Secretariat said on Friday.

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