A woman using a newspaper to shade herself from the morning sun and sweltering heat at Yishun. PHOTO: ST FILE

As with the rest of the world, Singapore, too, will face more extreme conditions as the world warms, experts told The Sunday Times as recent weather events continue to wreak havoc in the northern hemisphere.

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Microgreens farmers Timothy Jung (left), 28, and Christopher Leow, 29, looking at their close-group farming system at the "Growing More with Less" exhibition launched yesterday at The URA Centre in Maxwell Road.ST PHOTO: KUA CHEE SIONG

Oil rigs can do more than just drill for oil, going by the drawing of a monstrous polygonal floating structure that hatches fish, grows them, and processes and packages them all in one place.

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Anti-waste group kicks off a campaign to incentivise Singaporean consumers to bring their own cups, bottles, bags and containers, and so cut down on plastic use.

A woman carries her groceries home in plastic bags. Singapore threw away 822,000 tonnes of plastic last year, of which only seven per cent was recycled. Image: teddy-rised, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Coffee drinkers in Singapore might find that their morning brew tastes a little bit sweeter from now on, as a number of local cafes have started offering discounts to customers who bring their own cups as part of a waste-reduction campaign.

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