Singapore, September 14 - The inability of Governments to reach a binding agreement on emissions targets at last year’s climate change talks has delivered the building industry with the perfect platform to assume leadership in reducing emissions, said the World Green Building Council (WGBC) chairman Tony Arnel on Monday.

Speaking at the opening of the WGBC Congress held in Singpaore this week, Mr Arnel said the building sector will be the key catalyst for change, especially in the Asia Pacific - the world’s fastest growing region.

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Environment-friendly architecture and construction gaining momentum but certification a challenge.

Growing awareness of climate change and stricter environmental regulation have given major impetus to the movement to promote green building by governments and businesses alike, says Asst Prof Dr Atch Sreshthaputra, a board member of the Thai Green Building Institute.

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SINGAPORE : Industry watchers say Asia's renewable energy market will be worth some US$50-55 billion over the next 5 to 10 years. 

And emission trading in the region could start to gain traction as policy makers focus on developing a definitive agreement to fight climate change. 

The awareness around climate change and emissions reduction is building up. And experts say Asia holds a huge potential for the development of renewable energy projects. 

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