Green buildingThe Philippines will soon see its first environmentally friendly government building as Iloilo City, a bustling metropolis at the southern end of the country, pushes on with the construction of its green city hall.

The new Iloilo City Hall, slated for completion on August 2011, will feature a solar powered airconditioning system, a rooftop garden and a rain harvesting area. It will have eight floors and an area of 1600 square meters.

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MANILA, Jan 15 (IPS) , 2011 (IPS) - As the impact of climate change worsens around the globe, a disaster-resilient village is poised to be a solution for urban poor battling the constant floods and typhoons that hit the Philippines.

The concept village, submitted by Johanna Ferrer Guldager of Denmark, is designed around elevated housing clusters. Each house employs green building technologies, such as the use of sustainable materials like bamboo for the floors, walls and roof. Roofs are used as a rainwater collection system leading to a water conservation tank, while small gardens between houses ensure food production even in times of disaster. 

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DAVAO CITY -- With weather-related calamities a common sight, the government should draft a comprehensive top-to-bottom program that will respond to climate change issues.

Such policy should compel state agencies, especially local government units, to allot a significant amount for activities that will mitigate, if not reduce, damage when disasters hit.

This approach could save a couple of lives through effective early warning and year-round ecosystem protection.

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