An official warned that Myanmar is facing a deforestation crisis due to poor forest management, illegal logging, and fuelwood collection, reports Chinese state media.

U Thein Lwin, secretary of the Lower House's Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation Committee, claimed during a workshop on energy, environment and climate change that forest cover had fallen from 51 percent in 2005 to 24 percent in 2008. However the figures differed substantially with independent assessments of Myanmar's forest cover. A paper published earlier this year in the journal, Science, estimated Myanmar's forest cover at 46-48 percent based on satellite analysis, while research published last year inPNASput the number at above 50 percent. The U.N. last year reported 48 percent forest cover for Myanmar in 2010.

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Burma ranks among the world’s top countries most at risk from the combined effects of climate change, according to a new report by the Asian Development Bank that joins together various studies to shed a new and ominous light on the vulnerability of the underdeveloped Southeast Asian state.

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THE Department of Meteorology and Hydrology is inviting public submissions on the first draft of a UN-backed climate change adaptation report, a spokesperson said earlier this month.

The department began will accept submissions on the Preparation for National Adaptation Programs of Action (NAPA) on climate change until March 12, said project coordinator U Aung Win.

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