Farmers point to Cyclone Nargis, which hit the delta in May 2008, as the point at which their calendar went awry.

Since then, erratic weather patterns have made planting and harvesting rice perilous, especially for farmers who depend on rainfall. Too little early in the monsoon season – May to October – or too much at harvest time can destroy a crop.

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Myanmar will have a roadmap to reduce forest degradation and emissions from deforestation by June, speakers said at a seminar on climate change and forest management in Yangon on Thursday.

A draft of the roadmap has already been completed, said Dr. Rosy Ne Win of the Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry.

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MYANMAR - Fish farms in Myanmar are suffering due to unusual hot weather and parasites for this time of year. The hot weather has caused many pond to dry up and has reduced oxygen levels in the water.

While fish farmers normally wait to harvest their fish until monsoon season from June until October, they are harvesting their fish now in fear that they will die from the heat or parasites, reports the MyanmarTimes.

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