WITH global warming and the recent change in global weather patterns, it is likely that rainfall patterns will continue to change, bringing shorter but heavier bursts of rain which causes flash floods and soil erosion.

In fact, rainfall recorded in some parts of Malaysia has shown a marked increase in the last five years. Commercial and household water consumption has been increasing steadily in the last century, and as the climate warms, other usages of water will increase.

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A lightning flash lights up the night sky in Putrajaya during a thunderstorm.Despite the increase in lightning-related cases, awareness among Malaysians of the danger is very much lacking. In the last century, lightning has been recorded as one of the top three environmental-related causes of death in the world, reports LING POH LEAN

THE intensity of lightning is getting more severe due to global warming and climate change, according to the Meteorological Department.

Its deputy director-general Che Gayah Ismail said global warming causes the sea surface temperature to rise, producing more warm and moist air which was the main factor for thunderstorms.

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PUTRAJAYA: The air-conditioners in all government buildings will be set at no lower than 24° Celsius while fused bulbs must be replaced with energysaving ones.

In leading the way to promote green energy, PrimeMinister Datuk Seri Najib Razak yesterday directed the chief secretary to the government to issue a circular to all government agencies ordering them to observe the ruling.

However, buildings which have a critical need for lower temperatures, such as hospitals, would be allowed to set temperatures according to their requirements.

The Green Technology and Climate Change Council meeting, which Najib chaired yesterday, concluded that by setting the buildings’ temperature at 24° Celsius, they would contribute tremendously to energy saving efforts.

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