The government and businesses need to have strategic planning to deal with the complex variations of the climate caused by the climate change, an academician said.

Emeritus professor of climate modelling/honorary professor of mathematics at the University College London, Lord Julian Hunt, said global climate change was real and serious with steady increase in the average temperature over land areas of the world and steady rise in sea level especially in equatorial regions.

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FLOOD MANAGEMENT: File photo shows a flash flood occurring in Kuala Lumpur. The RM6 billion allocation for flood mitigation projects in Budget 2013 was only for flood management, noted FOMCA. — Bernama photo  Read more: http://www.theborneopost.com/2012/10/03/lack-of-climate-change-strategies-to-adversely-impact-fisheries-agriculture-players/#ixzz28Nn24lWh

KUCHING: The lack of allocations for climate change strategies in Budget 2013 will consequently leave adverse effects to the fisheries and agriculture industries of Malaysia.

According to the Federation of Malaysian Consumers Association (FOMCA) in its press release yesterday, there was no mention of allocations for urban flash flood mitigation or storm water management strategies.

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WEATHERING THE STORM: More studies need to be done if we are to cope

(Column) IN June, world leaders will again meet in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for  a global discourse on the fate of the planet we all share. The first meeting there was held 20 years ago. The subject matter is still the same. What do we do about the state of the   environment which is increasingly under threat. And the threat is by us.

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