Extreme weather events like the flooding in southern Alberta are thought to be caused by climate change, but they …

We've been hearing for years now that climate change will drive more extreme weather events, but scientists have now also found that the opposite is also true — that extreme weather events are fueling climate change by altering the environment's ability to absorb carbon dioxide.

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A new study by Chris and Mat Hope suggests that we are badly underestimating the costs of climate change

The father-son duo of Chris and Mat Hope have published a study in the prestigious scientific journal Nature Climate Change with the counter-intuitive finding that the relative costs of climate change are higher in a world with slower economic growth.

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As a new round of climate talks takes place in Bonn, Malaysia is coordinating the G77 in the Durban Platform, insisting that developing countries’ rights are respected.

The latest round of global climate negotiations is taking place in Bonn, with countries grappling with the core issues of whether developed and developing countries should take on similar or different obligations to cut Green­house gas emissions, how to adapt to the effects of climate change, and who will fund the actions.

Malaysia has emerged as one of the important countries in these talks, as it has assumed a leadership role among the developing countries.

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