Low river level in the upper Sarawak Kiri River during dry spell.

OVER the last couple of weeks, we had seen quite a bit of rain, and in some instances, very heavy downpours.

Showers have provided much needed relief for thousands of people who experienced acute water shortage between June and July.

However, this may just be a temporary relief as water scarcity will continue to stalk the state and the country as a whole.

Mankind’s insatiable thirst for water and deforestation activities seems to have pushed our most precious natural resource – water – to the brink.

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KUALA LUMPUR - Mr Kevin Tan, a member of Kuala Lumpur's burgeoning middle class, dreamt that he would see the day when he, his wife and his young son would have to endure months of dry taps in the bustling metropolis.

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United Nations University will help pioneer a fresh trail in global health research, exploring links between the planet's health and human health at an institute in Kuala Lumpur generously supported by Malaysia.

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