Indonesian miners will dig out 485 million metric tons of coal at the most in 2018, up 5 percent from last year, according to a projection from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

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BERLIN – Scientists say millions of more people around the world are threatened by river floods in coming decades due to climate change.

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A legal logger cuts down a teak hardwood tree in Mranggen, Demak regency, Central Java. (JP/Suherdjoko)

The nexus between climate change and economic development is complex. Indonesia heavily relies on forestry, agriculture and the mining industry as the backbone of its economy, accounting for nearly 40 percent of its gross domestic product and making up nearly half of the national export value. However, these sectors also contribute to approximately 80 percent of the nation’s greenhouse gasses (GHG) emissions. Deforestation, in particular, makes up 62 percent of its national emissions.

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