Dozens of air-conditioner compressors lining a wall in Mumbai, India. Less than 10 per cent of homes in India have units, but air-conditioning makes up 40 to 60 per cent of the country’s electricity demand in major cities like New Delhi. NYT PIC

THERE’S no single solution for climate change, but there is one that would be more effective than others — fixing air-conditioning.

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Climate disaster emoji set. Image credit: Sara Dean, co-creator and assistant professor at the California College of the Arts; Beth Ferguson, co-creator and assistant professor at the University of California, Davis; Bo Peng, graphic designer

Jakarta, Indonesia, is regularly devastated by flooding. When disaster hits, Twitter has emerged as a powerful platform for communication, coordination among residents and emergency responses with the hashtag #banjir — the Indonesian word for flood.

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Tropical deforestation accelerates climate change, and 40 percent of it happens in two countries: Brazil and Indonesia. Governments, NGOs, and businesses, meanwhile, have launched dozens of efforts to correct this – but those efforts will only succeed if they work together. Here’s how to make that happen.

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