How the Indonesian media toes the line between the need for economic development and environmental sustainability.

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The picturesque Bamboo Forest in Kyoto, Japan. (Shutterstock/File)

Cultivating bamboo could help Indonesia mitigate the impacts of climate change, an Indonesian environmental scientist said during a side event of the United Nations climate conference in Bonn, Germany.

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By: Arlina Arshad, The Strait Times

Just a decade ago, Kendari was among the filthiest cities in Indonesia. Bins overflowed with bags ofmouldy rice, rotting food scraps and plastic bottles. Reeking garbage was burned or left uncollected on the streets for weeks, attracting flies and roaches.

But today, the city of half a million people in south-east Sulawesi province has been spectacularly transformed, winning national cleanliness awards for eight straight years.

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