Rising forest density in many countries is helping to offset climate change caused by deforestation from the Amazon basin to Indonesia, a study showed on Sunday.

The report indicated that the size of trees in a forest -- rather than just the area covered -- needed to be taken into account more in U.N.-led efforts to put a price on forests as part of a nascent market to slow global warming.

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A landmark forest protection ruling by Indonesia might be good for investors trying to save carbon-rich forests, but only if a ban is enforced and progress is made in using the market to save the environment.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono signed an order this month imposing a two-year ban on new licenses to clear primary forests and peatlands, a key part of a $1 billion climate deal with Norway last year.

The decision, delayed by five months, has earned praise and concern from green groups but broad support from investors and analysts as a first step toward better protection and more transparent management of Indonesia’s dwindling rainforests.

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Indonesia’s moratorium on clearing rainforests has not lived up to high expectations but is still a chance to fix the country’s poor forestry management to spur projects to gain emissions credits, said the official in charge of the scheme.

Indonesia’s president in May finally signed the two-year moratorium as part of a $1 billion climate deal with Norway, after a five-month delay, revealing a long-list of exemptions that disappointed environmentalists but were a boost to the hard-lobbying plantation industry.

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