“Climate change may cause unprecedented disruptions to aquatic and coastal systems upon which many millions of Asian people depend. It is vital that governments in the Asia-Pacific region understand the risks, identify vulnerable systems and develop adaptive strategies”, FAO’s Simon Funge-Smith said today at the end of a meeting convened by the Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission (APFIC) with 48 representatives from government fisheries and climate change agencies, and international and non-governmental organizations.

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Hiroyuki Konmua, third from right, and Agriculture permanent secretary, fourth from right, at the signing ceremony together the co-signatories of the three agreementsBangkok, Thailand, 09 Feb 2011 -- Three agreements were signed today between the Thai Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives and FAO for technical assistance in the areas of climate change, food safety and aquaculture for a total of $633 000 (approximately Baht 19 million).

Over the last decade, the impacts of climate change in Thailand have become increasingly evident and scientists project for the next 30 years an increase of annual average temperatures, changes in rainfall pattern and freshwater availability, intensification of extreme weather events, sea level rise and sea water intrusion in coastal areas.

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ADBThe Asian Development Bank (ADB) is investing $60 million to set up three climate change venture capital funds, primarily engaged in markets in China and India.

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