BOGOR, Indonesia (April 5, 2011)--New research shows that mangroves store exceptionally more carbon than most tropical forests, but they are being destroyed from coastlines at a rapid rate causing significant emissions of greenhouse gases. The findings from the study, which was carried out by scientists from the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) and the USDA Forest Service, underscore a call by scientists for mangroves to be protected as part of global efforts to combat climate change.

"Mangroves are being destroyed at an alarming rate. This needs to stop. Our research shows that mangroves play a key role in climate change mitigation strategies," said Daniel Murdiyarso, Senior Scientist at CIFOR, a co-author of the paper, entitled Mangroves among the most carbon-rich forests in the topics.

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The Bangkok climate talks have not changed the gap between emission reduction pledges and what is to needed to get the world on track for limiting global warming to 2 and 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. No developed country attempted to increase their reduction target as it was requested in Cancun Agreements and in the mandate for the workshop held in Bangkok.

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The Plant Root Injector is a simple device capable of injecting water and nutrients directly into root systems. It is proving to be very effective for high value crops like papaya.


Fertilizer Application

Using dilute fertilizer solutions occasionally & in minute amounts is sufficient. (Dissolve fertilizer granules in water beforehand.) 

Water Addition

Only small quantities water are needed. (Using 25% or 1/4 of normal quantities is sufficient. This results in 75% water savings.)

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