Abilio da Fonseca is a driven man. The PhD candidate and Timor-Leste citizen wants one thing above anything else, and that is to contribute to helping the island nation and its one million- plus population to prosper. But prosperity will never come unless the world’s youngest democracy can repel the newest threat to its shores.

Raised in a fishing village where lives depend on the resources of the sea, Abilio is a young man fighting a new peril that is snapping at his nation – climate change.

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Forestry experts say forest communities have the best hope of sustainably managing the world's forests. Photo: nature.orgAn Indonesian official yesterday pledged to renew efforts to safeguard the rights of forest communities, a move widely recognised by experts as key to the long-term protection of the country’s forests and cultures.

At a global forestry conference held this week in Lombok, the head of the president’s Special Delivery Unit, Kuntoro Mangkusubroto, told forestry experts the government would prioritise the welfare of forest communities and the recognition of Adat rights, or the customary land rights of indigenous people.

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MANILA, June 21 (Xinhua) -- Farmer Ligaya Oria has never thought the onions she grew would be used in delicacies, nor did she expect to talk about her life as a farmer in front of a huge audience who included workers, social celebrities and government officials.

But the Friday luncheon sponsored by the non-profit organization Oxfam made all this true. The luncheon themed " Growing a Better Future" was held to draw attention to small scale farmers, who they believe can help avert food shortages caused by climate change.

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