2017 Ramon Magsaysay Awards

MANILA,Philippines— In Indonesia, much of the oppression against indigenous people is perpetrated by big corporations due to conflicts over land, said Abdon Nababan, one of six awardees of this year’s Ramon Magsaysay Awards.

Nababan, an indigenous person himself (a Toba Batak from Sumatra), had a rude awakening about the persecution of indigenous people when he worked in an anti-logging campaign and realized that the land taken over by a big industrial estate was actually ancestral land that belonged to his grandparents and other Toba Batak families.

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Taking a closer look at a sultan’s grand $100-billion megaproject in Johor.

In Forest City's show gallery, a sprawling model displays the four reclaimed islands which will soon sprout out of the Johor Strait. Image Credit: Albert Shaw

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Photo by Kyaw Kyaw Winn

Cebu, Philippines – Understanding the weather and climate – when storms will break, how much rain will fall, and when the rainy season will start and end – are one of the most valuable tools a smallholder farmer can possess. But what happens when the climate changes and age-old traditions are put on their end?

What happens when drought wipes out crops and washes away new irrigation pumps and maybe even a few prized pigs? What happens when bad decisions are made on bad data? And when poor farmers, without viable access to insurance or other risk reduction mechanisms, are left to fend for themselves?

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