Scientists say that brightening the billowy clouds over oceans could let them rebound more sunlight back into the atmosphere, instead of letting them strike the Earth's surface  Read more at: https://phys.org/news/2017-10-ways-climate.html#jCp
Dismissed a decade ago as far-fetched and dangerous, schemes to tame global warming by engineering the climate have migrated from the margins of policy debate towards center stage.

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MANILA, Philippines – Ideas to recycle waste products and promote agriculture – these were just some of the concepts pitched by finalists in the environment and climate change category of the 2017 HackSociety semi-final round held on Friday, September 15.

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A small sea horse grabs onto garbage in Indonesia. (Justin Hofman/Wildlife Photographer of the Year)

The powerful and poignant image shows a tiny seahorse holding tightly onto a pink, plastic cotton swab in blue-green waters around Indonesia.

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