Urban areas have seen significant progress, with 91 percent of cities having access to an improved water supply and 73 percent having access to improved sanitation facilities.

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Timor-Leste’s response to the El Niño emergency in 2015-16 has exposed the challenges ahead as climate-induced disasters become commonplace in the future.

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Handover of five rainwater harvesting tanks

Communities of Luro in Lautem municipality, Timor-Leste, gathered on October28th2017 for the handover ceremonies of five rainwater harvesting tanks. The tanks, made offeror-cement can hold 10,000 liters of rain and spring water and provides water to 15-20 household members for group-managed horticulture activities. Seven more tanks are due for handover soon to seven otheraldeias(sub-villages). The installation of the tanks comes as part of the Integrated Actions for Resilience and Adaptation (IA4RA) to climate change project that works in the nine villages in the area of the Raumoco Watershed.

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