Phnom Penh – 12 May 2014, the Climate Change Department of the Ministry of Environment with supporting from Cambodia Climate Change Alliance (CCCA) organized a workshop on “Awareness Raising on Climate Change” to lecturers and under-graduated students approximately 300 participants (135 females). The objective of the workshop is to raise awareness on the causes and impacts of climate change, the national and international responses to its effects and climate change mitigation.

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A study on deforestation in Cambodia has found that forests are better protected when local communities are given the responsibility to manage them locally.

Cambodia has one of the highest rates of deforestation in the world, losing 1.2 per cent each year from 2005-2010. The loss of forests due to illegal logging, commercial agriculture, and other factors can have a devastating impact on local communities, as well as contributing to global climate change. In a country beset by corruption and ineffectual state forest management, alternative models of forest protection are clearly needed.

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Cambodia is one of the top 10 countries most vulnerable to climate change because the majority of its population is engaged in agriculture and there is a lack of infrastructure to combat floods and other effects, the 3rd National Forum on Climate Change was told Tuesday.

About 80 percent of Cambo­dians living in rural areas will be affected if the government does not factor climate change’s effects into their national development plans, as the majority of those people work in the agriculture sector, said Claire Van der Vaeren, U.N. resident coordinator in Cambodia.

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