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Improving Rice Crop Production in a Changing Climate Mangroves for Climate Change Adaptation: The Case of Thua Thie Hue, Vietnam Community-Based Ecotourism: Livelihood cum Adaptation Strategy for Kampong Speu Province, Cambodia
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Coping with Extreme Climatic Events: Stories of Resiliency in the Philippines A Systems Approach to Reducing Risks in Rice Production in Southeast Asia Community-based Adaptation to Climate Change in Southeast Asia
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Adapting to Climate Change: Strategies of Albay, Philippines Climate Field School: An Innovative Approach to Agricultural Adaptation Gearing up towards Community-based Climate Change Program

Bell and Bottle Technology: Community-based Early Warning System

Hydraulic Ram Pump: A Practical Solution to Climate Change

Watershed Management and Governance  in a Changing Climate
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REDD+ for Climate Change:  Ensuring the Rights of Local Communities
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Approaches to Assessment of Impacts and Vulnerability to Climate Change and Adaptation Options   
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 Designing a Monitoring and Evaluation System for Climate Change Adaptation Planning and Implementation  

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