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WG2The Oscar M. Lopez Center (OML), together with the Climate Change Commission, announces the release of the Philippine Climate Change Assessment Working Group 2: Impacts, Vulnerabilities and Adaptation report.

Climate change is one of the most serious threats faced by humanity—a multifaceted issue that will be universally felt. As such, it is critical that we better understand how current and future vulnerabilities and sensitivities will impact the different sectors of our society. A firmer grasp on these issues can serve as a guide for climate-smart and timely interventions that can build and further develop our resilience.

This new report, prepared by Filipino Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) authors and other leading scientists and experts in their field of study, presents an assessment of the current understanding of climate change impacts, vulnerabilities, and adaptation in the Philippines. It focuses on critical areas, namely ecosystems, freshwater resources, coastal systems and low-lying areas, agriculture and fisheries, and human health.

The report is the second from the three-volume Philippine Climate Change Assessment series, which synthesizes scientific information from international and local literature in order to provide an assessment of climate change for the Philippines and identify gaps in the scientific literature.

Download here.

Source: OML

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