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Emerging Climate Change Adaptation Issues in the Asia-Pacific Region

Emerging issues-APAN forwebThis report aims to fill a need for the latest thinking on climate change adaptation (CCA) in the Asia-Pacific region, thus the members of the Asia Pacific Adaptation Network (APAN) produced this report titled Emerging Climate Change Adaptation Issues in the Asia-Pacific Region to address pertinent and relevant issues in the region and sub-regions. This report aims to raising awareness and building the capacity of policymakers to deal with CCA.

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Aqueduct Projected Water Stress Country Rankings

wri-aqueduct-water-stress-country-rankings-technical-note-coverChanges in climate, economic development, urbanization, and population growth will impact water availability around the world. To prepare for these changes, decision-makers need to consider future scenarios of global water supply and demand. Investors, policymakers, companies, and development organizations can use such projected estimates to quantify future impact, hedge risks, and adapt to changes at relevant scales. For certain decisions and analysis, the national scale may be important, and to the best of our knowledge, no up-to-date, country-level projections currently exist in the public domain.

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Sector Briefing on Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation

Sector-Briefing-on-Climate-Change-Impacts-on-Adaptation-coverClimate change is projected to have a wide range of impacts on various aspects of the agriculture sector. Overall, it is suggested that climate change will significantly undermine crop production in the region, posing a serious threat to food security, even after adaptation and productivity improvements have been accounted for. Effective adaptation in this sector will be of crucial importance.

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Knowledge Resources

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