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SE Asia-FALL 2018 BULLETIN-OFC ONLY 1From the films of Laos to the shrimp farms of Thailand, the 2018 Fall Southeast Asia Program (SEAP) Bulletin is lush with stories that cross national borders and disciplines.

Read about the making of an interdisciplinary service-learning course on climate change in Vietnam, Indonesian music and environmental movements, and the legacy of monarchy in Asia. Also: SEAP Outreach co-sponsors a Cornell student-led project serving a refugee resettlement organization in Utica, New York, and organizes a cross-institutional conference on the value of education “going global.”

Source: Cornell Chronicle

Knowledge Resources

building urban resilienceBuilding Urban Resilience

Principles, Tools, and Practice

Abhas K. Jha, Todd W. Miner, and Zuzana Stanton-Geddes, Editors

About Building Urban Resilience in East Asia

Building Urban Resilience in East Asia is a World Bank program that aims to increase the resilience of cities to disasters and the impacts of climate change by using a risk-based approach to making public investment decisions. The objective is to demonstrate a scalable methodology and practical tools for risk assessment that can be used for city-level investment decisions.

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cities and floodingCities and Flooding

A Guide to Integrated Urban Flood Risk Management for the 21st Century

Abhas K Jha | Robin Bloch

Jessica Lamond

How to use the Guide Cities and Flooding:

A Guide to Integrated Urban Flood Risk Management for the 21st Century provides comprehensive, forward-looking operational guidance on how to manage the risk of floods in a rapidly transforming urban environment and changeable climate.

The Guide serves as a primer for decision and policy makers, technical specialists, central, regional and local government officials, and concerned stakeholders in the community sector, civil society and non-governmental organizations, and the private sector. The Guide starts with A Summary for Policy Makers which outlines and describes the key areas which policymakers need to be knowledgeable about to create policy directions and an integrated strategic approach for urban flood risk management. The Summary concludes with 12 guiding policy principles for integrated flood risk management.

The core of the Guide consists of seven chapters, organized as follows:

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Knowledge Resources

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