Climate Change Experts and Practitioners

Areas of Specialization

Polar Oceanography, Sea Ice, Climate Change, Satellite Remote SEnsing in the microwave, infrared, and visible regions, Particle Physics


National Aeronautics and Space Administration/
Goddard Space Flight Center 


Senior Research Scientist
Cryospheric Sciences Laboratory,
Goddard Space Flight Center 

Educational Background

B.Sc. Physics, UP Diliman
M.Sc. Physics, Florida State University
Ph.D. Physics, University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)

Projects and Publications Relevant to Agriculture and NRM in Southeast Asia


"Enhanced Pacific Ocean Sea Surface Temperature and Its Relation to Typhoon Haiyan." Journal of Environmental Science and Management, 18 (1): 1-10.

"Assessment of rice and corn crops in Northern Philippines using NDVI data from MODIS." Philippine Remote Sensing Journal, 1 (1): 53 - 64.

"Monitoring Philippine Vegetation using satellite NDVI and EVI data." Philippine Remote Sensing Journal, 1 (1): 39 - 52.

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