Climate Change Experts and Practitioners

Areas of Specialization

Farming Systems; Natural Resource Management; Crop Physiology; Crop Simulation Modelling


International Rice Research Institute (IRRI); Asia Pacific Agricultural Policy (APA), Asia Pacific Policy Center (APPC)


Former Positions:

Professor (UPLB); IRRI Representative to Myanmar (IRRI); R&D Manager (SEARCA)

Current Designations:

Consultant (IRRI), Board Member (APAP); Research Fellow (APPC)

Educational Background

B. Sc. Agriculture (major in Agronomy), UPLB
M.Sc. Agronomy (IDRC Fellow), UPLB
Ph.D. Crop Production & Physiology (Agronomy), Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, USA

Projects and Publications Relevant to Agriculture and NRM in Southeast Asia


  1. Projects:
  2. Asian Development Bank (ADB) Project on Irrigation Systems Improvement Project in the Philippines. (1988)
  3. World Bank Project on Impact Evaluation of the Agricultural Research Management Program II in Indonesia (2002)
  4. ACIAR-funded project on LandCare (2003-2008)



  1. Garcia, A.G.(editor). 2001. Sustaining Natural Resource Management in Southeast Asia. SEAMEO-SEARCA book publication. Los Banos, Laguna, Philippines.
  2. Garcia, A.G. & C. M. Madid (editors) Understanding the Research and Development Needs for Water Resource Management in Southeast Asia. SEARCA Monograph Series 2002.
  3. Garcia, A.G. & C.M. Madid. 2005. The Journey and Beyond: SEARCA’s Experiences in Sustainable Agriculture and Community-based Natural Resource Management. SEAMEO-SEARCA Publication, Los Banos, Laguna, Philippines.
  4. Garcia, A.G., Sajise, P.E. & R. Hautea (editors). 2007. Intellectual Property Rights and Farmers’ Rights. SEAMEO-SEARCA Publication, Los Banos, Laguna, Philippines
  5. Briones R.M and Garcia A.G. (editors), 2008. Poverty Reduction Through Sustainable Fisheries: Emerging Policy and Governance Issues in Southeast Asia, Publication by SEAMEO-SEARCA and Institute of Southeast Asian Studies.




Awarded by the Philippine National Academy of Science and Technology as the 1996 Best Scientific Publication. "Defining the recommendation domain of selected technologies through the use of crop simulation models". Philippine Agriculturist. 76(3):339-354.

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