Climate Change Experts and Practitioners

Areas of Specialization

Environmental Anthropology, Anthropology of Tourism, Coastal Resource Management


Silliman University, Philippines


Professor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology; College of Education; School of Public Affairs and Governance
Director, Research and Development Center

Educational Background

A.B. Major in Sociology, Siliman University
M.A. Major in Sociology, Siliman University
Ph.D. Anthropology, University of San Carlos

Projects and Publications Relevant to Agriculture and NRM in Southeast Asia

On-going Projects

  1. The Efficiency and Social Acceptability of Constructed Wetland of Bayawan City, Negros Oriental (with Robert S. Guino-o II)
  2. Constructed Wetland as Wastewater Treatment Facility: Its Potential in Mitigating Water Scarcity Due to Climate Change (with Robert S. Guino-o II)
  3. The Socioeconomic Assessment of the Vulnerability to Flooding of Pagatban River, Negros Oriental


 The dynamics of stakeholder participation in marine protected area development: A case study in Batangas, Philippines. Siliman journal 44: 96-137 (2003).

A mayor and his politics of marine protected areas: A case study in political anthropology of environmentalist discourse. Philippine quarterly of culture & society 34 (4): 338-375 (2006).

Beyond physical space: The human and cultural complexities in marine protected area management. Silliman journal 46 (2):138-168 (2005).

Marine protected areas for whom? Fisheries, tourism, and solidarity in a Philippine community. Ocean and coastal management 48: 393-410 (with Marc Miller and Patrick Christie, 2005).

Are the children willing? Intergenerational support for marine protected area sustainability, Silliman journal 47 (1): 48-72 (2006).


2005 CHED Republica Award (Regional winner for social sciences)

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