Climate Change Experts and Practitioners

Areas of Specialization

Vertebrate Ecology, Herpetofauna taxonomy; Marine Biology; Coral Reef Conservation; Coral Reef Protected Areas, Climate Change Mitigation


Siliman University, Philippines


Professor Emeritus
Director, Silliman University-Angelo King Center for Research and Environmental Management (SUAKCREM)
Director, Silliman University-CHED Zonal Research Center 

Educational Background

B. Sc. Biology, Siliman University
M.Sc. Biological Sciences, Stanford University
Ph.D. Biological Sciences, Stanford University

Projects and Publications Relevant to Agriculture and NRM in Southeast Asia

Current Projects

  1. Connectivity of Marine Reserves in the Bohol Sea
  2. Ecology of River Systems
  3. Effects of Climate Change on Fish Larvae, Coral Reefs, Mangroves and How Protection can Decrease their Vulnerability to Ocean Warming, Ocean Acidity, etc.

Important Publications

A. Marine Biology:

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B. Vertebrate Ecology and Systematics

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CHED Republica Award 2010 Best Paper, Natural Sciences category for his paper: “No-take marine reserves and reef fisheries management in the Philippines: A new people power revolution” (Awarded May 19, 2010, CHED Auditorium, HEDC Bldg., Quezon City, Philippines)


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